10 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

10 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Some of the most surprising beauty benefits of coconut oil have been discovered in the recent years. Many people have now started using it in the kitchen because of its great importance. But, there are many other uses of coconut oil too. It can easily replace most of your beauty products and skin care items. Here are some beauty benefits of coconut oil which prove that why it must be our daily beauty essential.


Coconut oil turns liquid when it is heated to 76 degrees otherwise it is a creamy solid. If you want to use it as a hair mask then melt it down by keeping under warm water. After shampooing your hair, take small amount of coconut oil and apply it to your wet hair. Then tie your hair in the form o the bun and wait for 5 minutes before washing. It will give instant shine and moisture to your dull hair.


After getting shower, apply small amount of this creamy oil onto your skin so that it sinks into the warm skin easily. It will be the perfect moisturizer due to its unique texture. You can also add few drops of lavender oil in it to enjoy perfect beauty benefit from it.


Coconut oil is now known as the most perfect lip balm because of its ultra-hydrating properties. It can easily repair the chapped lips. You can use a spare lens holder for easy approach during work or while hanging out. You can apply this beauty tip at any time.


Coconut oil can easily repair your ragged cuticle. Just swipe its small amount on your cuticles and wait for its absorbance. This magical oil will moisturize your dry cuticle skin and increase the strength of your nails. You can use the lens case for this purpose as well.


As the under-eye skin is very delicate so it is more vulnerable to get puffy and get dark circles. Here again, coconut oil can do the magic. Just take few drops in between your fingers to warm the oil a bit and then apply it under your eyes. It will make your skin smooth and fresh. This beauty tip will solve the dark circles problem in no time.


Take a pea sized quantity of coconut oil and warm it by rubbing between your fingers. Then apply it to the last inches of your hair to protect them against frizz for all day. To control the frizz problem in coarse hair, apply the oil from middle till the end of your hair. Coconut oil will also give instant shine to your hair. You will thank us for this beauty tip after trying.


If you can’t get the fresh and glowing skin naturally then you can take the help of beauty benefit of coconut oil. Just apply it in liquid form on your cheekbones, area above the upper lip and above eyebrows. It will hydrate the skin and make it look lit naturally.


By using coconut oil you will realize that it is the best makeup remover ever. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and warm it gently. Then apply it on makeup areas and rinse with warm water after makeup starts melting. You can also make makeup remover wipes by using cotton pads for easy use.


Now you can get rid of your rough skin with coconut oil as well. Just mix equal amount of coconut oil and sea salt or sugar in a bowl. Then rub this mixture on rough skin areas like your elbows with the help of your hands. This scrub will not only moisturize your damaged skin but give it softness as well.


You can also use coconut oil as a shaving cream too. I am sure you have not heard about this beauty benefit before. At first, warm it under warm water and then apply it on your legs before shaving. You will get a super clean shave as the razor will move very smoothly due to oil. But remember to use it outside the shower to hold the razor with ease due to oil’s slippery nature.


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