Vaping or Smoking – What to choose between the two?

Vaping or Smoking - What to choose between the two

Vaping is considered as the best alternative to smoking, but vaping is still dangerous as smoking. People consider vaping as best alternate of smoking whereas they are considering the less evil or slow death for their life.

Lets explore both of them, which is more a killer then one…


Smoking is considered as world deadliest action done by an individual to him/her self. Smoking of tobacco contains millions of harmful chemicals, which are considered as 70% of chance of lungs cancer and cause of death due lungs. World`s second largest cause of death is smoking of tobacco. According to worlds famous website, smoking kills atleast 6 million people every year, in which 35% of the reasons caused are due lungs cancer of tobacoo.


Vaping is seen as safe or best alternative to smoking habits, and its more of use of technology to make addicted to smokers while making sure that they are more safe with their health. Most of the countries have ban as smoking in public whereas vaping is allowed, knowing this will not effect the health of the people in public. Vaping or E-Cigrate consider as biggest harm due that it contains liquid nicotine which will likely to be considered as cause of heart risks or heart attacks in near future. Vaping as caught the spotlight since mid-2000 but still there is no enough data is available and a lot of work is going on with vaping.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

A debatable question, that whether vaping is safe or not.

vaping vs smoking


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