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Warts are tiny spots and painless growth on the skin. It may affect your appearance and can be embarrassing as they appear on your face or feet. Warts are caused by a virus called (HPV) the Human Papilloma Virus. They are most common in childhood (affect about 15% of school going children) however, it may arise at any age too.

Warts become spread by direct contact, physical contact or inoculation of a vaccine with a response of weeks to years. They are often itchy, hurting, painful or certain types of warts may increase the risk of cancer. So, if you found any type of bumps growth on your skin because of warts. It’s time to STOP raise with those nasty marks!

If you are trying to remove these warts by using typical home remedies such as duct tape or cutting them out of your skin surface. It may harmful!! Don’t try to remove a wart by yourself via cutting,  burning, tearing, picking, or using any other method. Always deal with an appropriate medicine just like Watrol, one of the best warts removing treatment that completely help you to get rid of (HPV).

Watrol comes in serum form, an over the counter medicine that doesn’t  need any prescription. Watrol treatment is safe, effective and cheap as you compared to or surgery or doctor visits. It contains the naturally effective ingredients that are FDA approved. The modern approach of this product brings the combination which treats the common and plantar warts from the root source.

Ingredients of Watrol:

To completely evaluate how does Wartrol work? First, you need to understanding of the ingredients of Wartrol. So lets a look into some of its key active and inactive ingredients and its mechanism as well.

Wartrol Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is an active ingredient of Wartrol, it is an ingredient that is approved by (FDA) Food and Drug Administration of USA. It works by slowly and gradually softening the skin surface, and make a ground where the salicylic acid fights against HPV virus that is the main reason of warts. The Wartrol’s formula uses 17% of salicylic acid. This active ingredient, has been scientifically observed and revealed to be an effective component that deals with warts.

Wartrol Inactive Ingredients:

The inactive ingredients of Wartrol are Flexible Collodion, Ethyl Alcohol, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Menthol, Ascorbic Acid, and Polysorbate-80.

Flexible Collodion:

Flexible collodion, often used as a protective agent, is classified by the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary as a combination of camphor, castor oil and collodion. Among them, collodion is the thick solution used as a paste to close small cuts, as camphor is normally used to treat fungus infections and reduce itching.

Ethyl Alcohol:

Ethyl alcohol, often called Ethanol, typically used as a natural and safe stabilizer agent in cosmetic products because of its antiseptic properties. Ethyl alcohol also performs an antibacterial role that eliminates wart causing virus on the skin surface. At the same time Ethyl alcohol acts as a skin infiltration enhancer that support other ingredients enter into the skin more effectively.


Primarily used in the personal care products as a wetting agent and emulsifier because of its ability to support other factors melt in a solvent, particularly in the case of oil in water.

How To Use Wartrol?

Wartrol comes in serum form that is designed for external use only. You can apply directly on the skin surface which affected by warts. This wart remover featured with the brush applicator, that is very easy to use at home.


  • Wash affected area of your skin with warm water before using Wartrol
  • Carefully dry affected area
  • Apply a small quantity with a brush, properly cover each wart
  • Repeat this process once or twice a day as needed

What Makes Wartrol Different?

There are a number of wart removal products available on the today’s market. They come in the form of creams, patches, and gels. Unfortunately, they work for some time or may not decrease the chances that warts will appear on other areas of your body.

Wartrol uses the blend of highly effective FDA-approved ingredients and all-natural essential oils. These ingredients are not only effective and safe, at the same time, they will eliminate warts from the root. The Wartrol formula not only destroy the wart, but it also kills the (HPV) virus that causes the wart.

Who Uses It?

This product is normally used by people who want to remove their common and plantar warts. Use Wartrol treatment if you want to treat these types of warts:

  • Body Warts
  • Verucca
  • Plantar Warts
  • Flat Warts
  • Common Warts

Where to Buy Wartrol Solution?

Wartrol is not available in retail stores, but people can buy this product online. Ordering Wartrol is simple on the official website where you only needs to fill a simple form and get your product with fast Shipping.


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