How to instantly stop a migraine using salt


Using salt

Every now and then many of us experience this recurrent throbbing pain, we usually label as a ‘headache’.

In more precise terms, when the pain becomes excruciating, we call it a ‘Migraine.’ Though there is no known cause for how it initiates or is triggered, but the most important question is how to deal with it? A number of health tips in this respect have been generated.

And for that, you would want to read this.

Fight off your Migraine simply with a bunch of Home Remedies:

Sodium chloride is a rock salt commonly used in house holds for various purposes. Since it works as an anti septic, it is mainly used for curing infections or wounds.

But here, we need to see how salt helps in reducing migraine; with a number of effective home remedies.

1.A pinch of salt works wonders!

It is observed that migraine initiates when the blood pressure falls below the normal range. This is when the brain is not receiving sufficient oxygen to provide the tissues. The vessels start working harder, pumping with force and this is when the pain initiates.

A pinch of salt added in a glass of water is the most primitive health tip that helps recover the lost electrolytic ions in the blood, eventually getting the blood pressure back to normal.

2.Salt with lemon squash, you won’t regret!

One of the core issues causing migraine is dehydration.

Excessive sweating takes away the essential minerals from the body, particularly sodium and chloride ions. Just when the salt levels go low, the brain registers changes in electrolyte imbalance. Lack of sodium ions initiate a Migraine ultimately and this is when Lemon Squash works best!

The productive health tip here is the lemon squash.

Squash a medium sized lemon in a glass of water. Add in a pinch of salt. Stir well. In summers, you can even add mint leaves and ice cubes to rejuvenate. There you go! Bid farewell to your migraine in a matter of minutes!

3.Himalayan Crystal salt- the magical pink salt

According to the, amongst various health tips, one of them is the use of himalayan salt.

It is millions of years old and pure, much better than the iodized salt. The Himalayan crystal salt consists of 84 natural minerals found in the body naturally.

Taken in diet, this natural element substantially recovers the ionic concentrations- hydrating the body enough to heal a migraine. Not just that, it boosts energy levels and balances serotonin levels in your bloodstream.

So, kick off the recurring aches once and for all with the use of this naturally occuring magical potion!

But Beware!

It is necessary to make sure what you choose to eat is pure. Also, changing the present lifestyle with the help of some health tips can work well with healing the migraine. Few of the most effective ones are here:

Go salty!

People having low blood pressure most of the time along with an intense migraine, should sprinkle a pinch of salt over every meal they take. Make sure not to exceed the amount of salt added.

High blood pressure individuals must avoid using excessive salt intake, which might trigger or even make their migraine worse.

Salt Bath

Quite a number of salts- specifically manufactured for a salt bath, are being sold in the market. As an instant healer and a natural anti septic, having a salt bath in luke warm water provides a soothing and refreshing feeling to the whole body.

It numbs the swollen nerves, eventually fighting off the throbbing pain and easing the muscles of the entire body.

Give your nerves a break by following these simple yet essential health tips to shoo away the annoying migraine.


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