What To Eat During Pregnancy?


What To Eat During Pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy? A million dollar question for women’s who are pregnant and Health in Beauty has an answer for your question?

The well-being of her baby is every mother’s prime concern and for this mother has to take care of her health. To give your baby the best possible start in life, make yourself fit and healthy before you conceive. Prior to this, the woman was fed fortifying herbs such as liquor-ice and the root of wild asparagus to strengthen her. There were also ceremonies at which the women would be massaged with oils that would tone her muscles and make her strong enough to nurture a fetus.

It is just as important to prepare yourself well for pregnancy today, and for this, you need to be focused on your health and diet. Good muscle tone and the healthy internal system will ensure that childbirth, it will be easier and recovery quicker. Putting on weight is the natural result of pregnancy, but doctors recommend that no more than 9kg(20pounds) should be gained so that getting back into shape is easier.

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, this is a good time to get your ideal weight.Being too thin will mean that you may not be able to provide adequate nourishment for the baby and excess weight at this stage makes you prone to putting on more during the pregnancy which would cause more problem to your health and the baby`s heath too.

Dieting is, however, absolutely taboo as being erratic eating habit, so get fit with a super exercise regiment and a healthy, nutritious diet.

Smoking and drinking is never beneficial to the developing baby,so this is a good time to review your habits. A baby’s heart rate can increase by 30 percent during cigarette smoking by the mother.

It is believed that if a pregnant woman looks at beautiful things, her baby will be beautiful too. In south and east Asian countries, relatives will decorate a pregnant women’s room with different baby’s picture.

Along with the mind, the body is kept calm with good food. Mint tea, made by simply adding a sprig of fresh mint to tea, is also given to overcome morning sickness. Doctors also recommend a plain biscuit with tea before going out of bed.Eat small, bland meals frequently through the day to cope with nausea.


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