Hair Gel Tips – Step By Step – Beauty Tips


Hair Gel Tips – Step By Step – Beauty Tips

Like hairspray, hair gel is a setting agent and is designed to make your hairstyle last longer.Gel is especially useful for sculpting, taming and adding texture to sleep, short style. We show you how to apply hair gel for best results.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Have to Hand: Hair Gel, Fine Toothed, Comb, Hairdryer and Brush

Tips and Tricks
– Too much gel can leave hair feeling stiff, so use it sparingly.
– Try spreading gel on your hair before applying rollers as a substitute for old-fashioned setting lotion.
– Use hair gel before plaiting to add extra control and a sleek finish your hair.

Step 1:

Spread a coin-sized dollop of gel between your hands and work into clean, towel-dried hair. Use your fingertips to rub it well into the roots, then comb through to distribute the hair gel evenly through to the hair ends.

Tips – Hair gel are easy to use, but don`t use too much. The secret is to start with a small amount, you can always apply more if necessary.

Step 2:

Being blow-drying the front section of hair. Use a hairbrush to lift hair away from your forehead to encourage root-lift and body. Use the same lifting technique to blow-dry the top lengths. The sides and back can be blow-dried smooth.

Tips – Comb the hair you`re not drying out of the way and work on one section of hair at a time.

Step 3:

Rub a little extra gel between your finger and thumb and pull side wisps forwards on the face. Finish off the look by separating your fringe into spikes.

Tips – Try using wet-look gel to add a touch of gloss. Dry hair will look less dull and lifeless if wet-look gel is applied sparingly at the crown.

Breaking The Code:

Gel is made from a thick water-based liquid, rather like old-fashioned setting lotion. They are available in different strengths and have a number of properties.

For example –  wet-look hair gel contains a high oil content to add shine.

Firm hold – adds staying power to your hairstyle.

Extra hold – adds extra staying power for difficult hair.

Stronghold –  usually the strongest level of hold. For style styles that are extremely difficult to manage.

Mega hold – not available in all styling ranges. This offers maximum holding power for styles that defy gravity.

Wet-look – adds a shiny appearance to hair and provides extra hold.

Spray  – the spray offers the precision application for detailed styling. It`s thinner and less messy than ordinary gel.

Volumising gel – builds volume and root-lift into hair.

Hair Gel is easily available in the market, but once you reach always look for the one which suits your hair. There are different type of hair gel for the different type of hair and for different hair style you need to use different hair gel. Never use two different hair gel together or mixing up together to have a look, but always choose one that is best for your hair.


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