5 Tips For Your Healthy Teeth


 5 tips for your healthy teeth

No matter how perfect your make-up, it`s very difficult to look good if your teeth look bad. If they are crooked or damaged, modern dentistry can improve them, but simply neglecting teeth is inexcusable. Try out the 5 tips for your healthy teeth and you`ll discover that keeping your teeth in sparkling condition takes less time than it does to take a bath or to style your hair.

Tip 1. Disclose

Start your new oral hygiene programme with disclosing tablets. Chew one tablet, swishing it about in your mouth so it coats all tooth and gum surfaces(smear your lips with Vaseline before using disclosing tablets to prevent your lips from staining too). Then rinse your mouth with water and look at your teeth in the mirror.

Tip 2. Rinse

Rinse your mouth with a pre-brushing mouthwash. This type of product is not designed to reduce brushing time, simply to loosen plaque before brushing.

Tip 3. Brush

Outside: Don`t brush your teeth at random. Instead,begin with the outside surfaces of your back teeth then gradually brush all around the outside of the lower teeth. Brush two or three teeth at once, gently cleaning your gums at the same time. Use a small circular motion, rather than an up-and-down movement.

Inside: After brushing the front or outer surfaces of your lower teeth, begin the circuit again, this time brushing the backs of the same teeth(Don`t forget to clean the biting surfaces too.This is especially important for back teeth where particles of food and plaque are most likely to collect in the gaps and crevices).

Front:Carry on making small circles over the backs of your front teeth to help keep them free from stains and to dislodge any remaining food particles(the head of the brush should be ideally be positioned at a 45 degree angle to the teeth and should overlap.Massage the gums at the same time as brushing the teeth to increase circulation).

Top: Move on to the outsides of your front teeth. These are the ones that will show,so make sure there are no bits of food left in them! Then after thoroughly cleaning the bottom row,pay the sameattention to the top row. Again work systematically around the mouth from one side to the other, cleaning the backs, fronts and biting surfaces.

Tip 4. Spray

Use a toothpick or a high-pressure spray to help remove food debris from between your teeth. Many dentists recommend sprays as a healthy supplement to brushing and flossing. The gentle pressure also helps massage the gums(The pressure of the high power water spray is adjustable and improves the blood circulation in the gums.Wooden toothpicks will work just as well and are preferable to plastic ones, which sometimes have sharp edges and may damage the gums).

Tip 5. Floss & Clean

Floss: Since brushing only cleans the outside surfaces of your teeth, use dental floss every day to clean the surfaces between your teeth. Break off about 45cm(18 inch) of floss, hold a short section between your thumbs and forefinger, and wind the excess tape around your middle fingers, then gently move the floss between your teeth from lower middle.

Clean and Curve: Guide the floss between the teeth, pull the end to one side, the teeth, pull the ends to one side, and clean the sides of the tooth by working the floss towards the gums with a slow back and forth motion(let the floss clean just under your gums. Your gums may bleed – if this happens persistently, check with your dentist). Having cleaned gently around the gums, curve the floss in the opposite direction around the neighbouring tooth and slowly down clean up the side of this tooth(Use a fresh piece of floss for each tooth, and make sure clean between all of your teeth).


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