All You Should Know About Food Label Terms


Guide to Food Label Terms

  • Everyone wonder about the food and calories they are taking on daily basis. Every person want to know the difference between low calories food and high calories food products. People always prefer to eat low fat diet or in other terms it is also referred as calorie free diet.

Everybody check the food labels to make sure weather this contains good nutrients or bad nutrients. The main focus is on ingredients specifically sugar and sodium.

Food and other nutrition facts say that these food label terms should be stated carefully.

There are some Nutrition facts that state that strict guidelines are followed for labelling food based on the calories count and food quantity as well.

Usually 40 or less than 40 calories if taking per serving are known as low calories. There is difference between low calories and low cholesterol diet. Usually low cholesterol diet is referred as food that contains almost 2 grams or less than amount of saturated fats in single serving.

If reduced is specified on a label that means that this product contains 25 % of nutrients less than the actual product.

If a nutrition label food term states anything as good source, it means that this particular product contains almost 10 – 19 % value of the mentioned particular vitamin or other nutrients in a single serving.

If a particular food gram label is stating that it is fat free it does not means that it contains 0 calories. There are at least five or less than five calories of in single serving of that food.

Some food labels indicates that these are fat free and sugar free products even in this case ½ gram of fat is part of single serving.

FDA sets some standards for related to food labels that can really help out all the valuable consumers to identify which products are good for them and which products are full of nutrients and vitamin and others that can really help to get rid of/control some diseases.

In different countries in all over the world, food and drug administration’s organizations are working to ensure that food sold in that countries are safe and healthy, and also everything is labelled properly.

In the food labeling most important thing to notice is food-serving size, calories count, and sugar and sodium count in these products. Usually sodium is used to preserve food products for longer period of time.

Tran’s fat are also referred as bad fats for health. So lots of health experts and nutrients suggest not using any product that contains saturated fats or trans-fat as they can really lead you to high blood pressure.As bad cholesterol causes several kind of diseases in human body. This increases the risk of having coronary heart related diseases, which is stated as the leading death cause in United States.

If you are afraid of bad cholesterol and want to stay healthy for longer period of time, you should avoid taking artificial sugar in your diet. You should choose foods that do not contain sugar as ingredient on their food label list. Other names that are also used to indicate presence of sugar in any particular product on food labels is corn syrup, fructose, juice concentrate, sucrose, maple, honey etc. All these terms indicate sugar presence in product. Which can lead to high blood sugar level in human body.

A common example for non-fat and fat product comparison is milk and yogurt. A plain yogurt contains low calories and same vitamins and nutrients but fruit yogurt contains greater number of fructose with syrup and high amount of calories, but nutrients and vitamins are same.

Fat milk contains same percentage of calcium as the non-fat milk but calories count in fat milk is much higher as compared to the nonfat or skim milk. So choose products that are good for your health.


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