Are Canned Foods Nutritious for My Family? Nutrition For Family


Are Canned Foods Nutritious for My Family? They Have Nutrition Your Family Needs ?

Now days, canned foods are easily accessible in supermarkets all over the year that includ es fruits, vegetables and different kind of beans as well. We all are aware of canned milk and other drinks as well. These canned foods are available easily at your nearest store. But an important thing is always check the expiration date before purchasing or using any of the canned food. As if used after expiry date, this can be really dangerous for health.

When using canned food at home, prefer to choose old products first ahead of their expiration date. Always be extra careful while purchasing stuff from wholesale as label can look dusty or may be torn off. Their nutrition level is dropped to great extent. We really have to keep a close eye of the nutrition facts of food we consume in order to keep a balanced diet.

Canned foods have long lifetime, but it does not indicate that we can keep them for several years. Some kind of foods that contains high amount of acid like tomatoes, pickles and other juices etc., these can stay good for almost 12 – 18 months. But low-level acid foods like meat and other vegetables can stay well for 2 – 4 years as well. But you will feel noticeable changes in their texture and colour as well.

Some people are much concerned that what are the nutrition facts about these products, whether the nutrients that area provided by canned foods are good for health or not?

Some people think that dishes that are made using canned foods are equally healthy and tasteful same as dishes made with the fresh fruits while others always like to have fresh food.

In some cases canned food nutrients are even better as compared to fresh. For examples lycopene that is used in canned tomatoes is even better for health and bioavailable as compared to the fresh tomatoes that are uncooked.

As people are very busy in everyday life, so they think that canned foods are more portable and convenient, as they are available in ready to eat form. Even soups and vegetables only require eating in oven and these are ready to use.

Canned and fresh fruits both are equally healthy and according to nutrition experts, you can get required vitamins and protein from both of these foods. But look for these things, while buying canned foods.

Great amount of sodium is not good for your health. Sodium is added in the canned foods to preserve these for longer period of time. Always look for the food that consumes lthe ow quantity of sodium. Also focus on Nutrients facts labels before getting canned food and make sure no added sugar is part of the food you are going to get.

While getting any syrups and juices etc., always look at label for checking athe mount of added sugar.

While buying groceries and other related stuff, people are very concerned about health of their kids. Main emphasis is fresh fruit and vegetables that include lots of nutrients that every kid need while growing up. So All the canned food has their own place in diet but should not be used in replacement of fresh fruits.

No doubt you can get equal amount of nutrients from canned food as well but added sodium and sugar can add carbs to your diet that unhealthy fats are not good for the health of your family.

Another advantage of using canned food is that you can get any kind of nutrition any time you want. Regardless of the season you want to eat that.

Most people think frozen foods are better for their health as all the frozen and canned foods are collected from garden when these are fully ripped and then they are packed with chemical that can really help to preserve all the nutrients for longer periods of time.

Frozen and canned foods can be purchased and kept safe for longer period of time. They don’t go bad so easily so can be stored for longer period of time and these are more economical as compared to fresh fruit.


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