Metabolism Myths and Facts That We Should Know


Metabolism Myths and Facts

Some people eat lots of food but they don’t tend to gain weight at all, while another person has the different reaction, they eat very less but still can tend to gain weight. There can be several reasons how a person’s body is acting against different food but one of the main reasons is digestion rate. The metabolic rate of every person can be different from another. The people with high metabolic rate tend to digest food quickly and stay active as well as healthy. Their body can effectively use their eaten food by converting it to energy thus we can perform every day activities.

Metabolism system converts our food to energy that helps us performing every day’s tasks effectively. A fast metabolic system acts as a blessing and burn out the eaten calories very quickly. While on the other hand a slowly active metabolic system produces less energy thus can make a person lazy.

There are several myths and facts about how our metabolic system can react with several nutrients.

People usually think that it is not possible to change their metabolic rate, which is clearly not true. Although it is a fact that our metabolic rate is hard to change but if a person really want to increase its metabolism they should focus on increasing the muscles mass. As when a person builds muscles they burns more number of calories rather than fat. So People which are thin and system usually have a good metabolic system that uses energy rather than body fat to accomplish everyday tasks.

Metabolic rate of a person decreases as their age increases.  Lifting weight can help you to reduce weight by speeding up the digestion process.

Another thing that can also help a lot to increase your metabolic system is taking green tea after every meal also using chilli and red peppers can help a lot to increase your metabolic system.

Some nutrient facts can state that green tea is very good for stomach and help to quickly digest food but it is not good enough for you if you are taking too much calories in your diet.

You should focus on reducing your calories intake by reducing diet nutrition portion and focus on taking diet that is filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Eating high cholesterol late at night can really lead to weight gain, as our metabolic rate is slow at night. This evidence supports the fact that one should not eat high calories food after 8 PM. It is also a good nutrition fact practice.

Taking light snacks although is fine. As it will not fill you up and thus let the metabolic system to work properly.

Some people think that doing crush diet and eating very low calories can help them to reduce weight quickly but the fact is it can lead to energy deficiency. And can also affect your everyday activities.

Our bodies need to eat enough amounts of calories to stay healthy and active. If you cut up these calories completely that will result in weakness. Also for some people, their body get used to the fact that they need the smart portion of meals to accomplish everyday tasks so their bodies adjust weight accordingly.

Skipping a whole meal can make you think that you will reduce weight faster but that is not true because it affects your metabolic rate and makes it slow. So even if you are on diet try taking healthy snacks fill with good nutrients or food filled with minerals and vitamins that can keep your metabolism going.

You need to control your craving and starving but should not cut up on calories completely. You should try to eat after every 4 hours to keep your body working at proper nutrition base level.

Taking better portion size of healthy meals as per nutrition facts can really help you to maintain your weight as well as stay healthy.  You can also perform everyday activities without feeling down or weak.


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