10 Tips for Coping with Stress


The first secret of dealing with stress is to release that it can be both a positive and a negative reaction. How to recognize its causes and how to cope with your response into order to combat the effects.

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Under pressure, a surge of adrenaline increases your heart rate increases your heart rate and muscular tensions, encourage a quick response and clear thinking. It is when stress takes control of your life that the problems arise, leading to irritability, depression and, in extreme circumstances, nervous breakdown.

Look at the area of you’re your life that causes you anxiety and try to identify the stress response you normally adopt. This is the first step to coping with stressful situations and generating a positive response.

Tips for Coping with Stress

  1. Walk – Any form of physical activity can help you reduce the effects of stress.When a good, brisk walk help you to relieve tension in the muscles (Aim for about 20 minutes of concentrated walking)
  2. Yoga – Yoga is a form of exercise and a method of relaxation. The postures, both stretch and relax the muscles, while the steady rhythmic breathing helps to focus and calm the mind(join an evening class for the quickest and easiest way to learn yoga.)
  3. Skip Rope – If the weather`s cold and damp and you can`t face going outside to take exercise, try some on the spot skipping or invest in a bouncer. These both focus the mind and improve general bodily co-ordination.
  4. Avoid Caffeine – Caffeine in tea, coffee and cola can actually aggravate stress by stimulating the body, boosting adrenalin and creating muscular tension. Choose herbal or fruit teas instead. Camomile is particularly calming and aids a good night`s sleep( a scented candle or vaporizer ring, used for scenting the room with essential oils, will create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere and this will help you unwind and rest.
  5. Read – Reading helps to take the mind off life`s tiresome worried. It also helps to drink alkaline drinks, such as milk, which will help counteract the acid produced in the stomach by stress, and make sure your diet is well balanced( Vitamin b6 is sometimes referred to as the woman`s vitamin or stress vitamin as it helps relieve the symptoms associated with pre-menstrual tension. Milk and bananas are also good natural sources of vitamin B6).
  6. Music & Pets – Soothing music and slow rhythmic movements, like stroking a pet cat or dog, often have a calming effect – for the animal as well (choose mellow, melodic sounds, perhaps classical music, to help you relax).
  7. Gardening – By taking your mind of its usual worried, a hobby or interest is both refreshing and relaxing. Many people find gardening a good activity, since it requires physical exertion and ensures you get plenty of fresh air( if you don`t have a garden, you`ll have to limit your efforts to a window box or house plants).
  8. Art – Paining and sketching are very therapeutic and you don’t have to be good to enjoy them. You may like the control and precision of pencil sketching, or the freedom of large abstract water colours.
  9. Massage – Massage is an effective means of releasing tension from tight, knotted muscles, especially in the neck and shoulders. Get a partner or friend to stroke, rub or knead your upper back, shoulders and neck.
  10. Roll – You can also massage yourself using your hands and electrical massagers, or special wooden rollers(Use an ordinary tennis ball, to massage your upper back. Lean against a wall with the ball between the wall and your shoulders, then move your body so that the ball moves over tense areas).

Tips and Tricks

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Plan ahead and organize your time efficiently so that you don’t have to rush.

If your bus, train or guest is late, try not to feel tense and irritable. Give your neck and shoulders a good slow stretch. Make a conscious effort to keep calm and relax.

When the telephone is constantly engaged, train yourself to take a deep breath and exhale very slowly.

You will find that you get much better results if you don’t fly off the handle. Stay calm, speak slowly and keep polite, but firm.



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