29 Expert Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

beauty tips for women

Whether there are beautiful hairs; smooth skin or perfect makeup, there is always a secret behind. By discussing with some expert bloggers, we have gathered many amazing beauty tips. You can thank for these secrets later ladies!!

Dunk nails to dry:
If you are out of time and there seems no way your nail paint could dry on time then try this tip. Immerse your hands in water that must be ice-cold. It will help your nail polish to get dry faster. This tip has been suggested by and expert blogger Michelle Phan.

Coat cuticles, avoid a mess:
Applying nail polish always results in a mess because it always comes out. Rub some olive oil on your cuticles before applying nail polish. It will make very easy to remove that annoying excess nail polish.

Hide chips with textured polish:
Glittered nail paints have kind of a rough texture. They do not result in a smooth layer as regular nail polishes. So in the case of chipped nails, just apply some glittery polish over it instead of cleaning all the mess. No matter how many chips you get just keep on doing it. Your manicure problem will be solved on its own.

Steam nails for a matte look:
Nothing looks sexier than matte look whether it is makeup or nail polish. So if you want matte nail paint just hold your hands over steam when your nail paint is still wet. It can be done even during cooking food. Then the magic will happen and the regular nail paint will transform into plain matte one.

Topcoat your decals:
Nail paints often start peeling from the edges. So cover your nails with a layer of clear nail polish after the nail art. It will prevent peeling off and your nail paint will last much longer than usual with an authentic look.

Take off glitter with felt:
Glittery nail paints take much longer time to be removed. They keep on sticking with the nails. So to remove them easily try using a feeling because it will remove the paint very gently as compared to the cotton ball.

Cocktail your concealer:
Concealers are perfect for hiding imperfections and making skin smooth. So after applying concealer on face, swipe some eye balm over it with the help of your finger. In this way the concealer will blend perfectly and cracking lines will not appear. This beauty tip will smoothens your skin and give it an amazing look.

Perk up the foundation with face oil:
We all have the habit of layering powder on face just before going out. So instead of all this just applies some face oil on cheeks. It will help in refreshing the foundation and creating a natural glow on your face.

Dot your eyes:
Getting perfectly lined eyes seems like a dream but not anymore! To do this hold the liquid liner and use the side that is broader not the one which is fine. Now, line slowly along the lashes. In this way, your eyes will look prettier than the straight liner.

Chill out:
Lip and eye pencils often become soft. That’s why it becomes difficult to sharpen them and they will be wasted more. So to solve this, put these pencils in the refrigerator for some time. In this way, they will be easily sharpened and used because they will be less greasy.

Blend your own glossy shadow:
You can create your own beautiful eye shadows by blending different colors together. If we mix some vibrant and metallic colors with a light aluminize then it will give the perfect look. A glossy and gorgeous mixture will be obtained that will be best all day.

Swirl on blush:
While applying blush on, move your brush in small circles. Start from your cheekbones and move to the hairline. It will result in a flawless and natural look.

Remove makeup with coconut oil:
Before removing makeup, apply some coconut oil on your face and let it that way. Now after some time remove your makeup with your regular remover. The makeup will come off very easily this way because it will be detached from skin by coconut oil.

Add blush for lasting color:
If you want your lipstick to last longer and have a matte look then use this beauty tip. Apply some eye shadow of same color and shade on it. It will work magic and give you a gorgeous look.

Card your lashes for major volume:                                                                                                                                          If you want your mascara to be perfect and without any mess then use this beauty tip. Cover the eyelids with some business card and then apply your mascara freely. Just start from roots and move your wand to tip. Move your mascara freely as there will be no risk of mess. In no time you will get thick and beautiful lashes.

Hands off for frizz-free hair:
Everyone wants their hair to be frizz-free which not an easy task is. So for this, apply some conditioner on your hair after drying them with a towel. Then leave your hair like this and don’t touch them. If you have curly hair then avoids to over touching them. Otherwise, the pattern of curling will disturb and hair will become frizzy.

Pull out the old claw clip:
If you want to add volume to your hair then try this beauty tip. Tie your hair with a claw clip after you blow-dry them. Meanwhile, you can apply makeup and get ready. Then remove the clip and get ready for gorgeous hair. Your hair will look thick with increased volume.

Beachy waves with braids:
Flat hair is a very common complaint because everyone wants their hair to be fluffy and thick. So apply some mousse on your hair after washing them and make a single braid. Now when you will open the braid, your hair will be transformed into beautiful waves and volume will be added.

Make dry shampoo your secret weapon:
Dry shampoo is the best thing to remove oil and add volume to hair. Every morning before going out, just apply some on your hair. The roots will be lifted up and hair will look smooth and fluffy.

Mix up highlights:
Mix up the patterns of highlights. Go for some thicker streaks along with some thinner ones. In this way your hair will have the perfect beach or saloon look.

Swap your towel for a tee:
Doesn’t use a towel for drying your hair instead go for an old soft t-shirt? Now don’t rub your hair instead pat dry them. Hair breakage will be less as compared to the towel.

Burn up to fake a blowout:
If you are out of cash or don’t have the time for saloon then try this beauty tip. At night, shampoo your hair and then tie them in the form of a bun. When you will wake up, the upper half of hair will be smooth and lower half will have perfect waves.

Mist regularly for moisture:
For your skin to become smooth and crack free, always keep a toner at your workplace and home. If it is alcohol-free and hydrating then it will be better. Just use it every day for the perfectly smooth skin.

Define with self-tanner:
For a perfectly tanned look and naturally glowing skin, use any topical tan available. Take a small amount and apply on your cheeks in the hollows. It will be fine for contouring.

De-puff with H20:
Eyes usually become puffy after waking up. Wash your eyes instantly after waking up with cold water. Swelling under the eyes will be reduced at the moment.

Pop pimples the smart way:
Don’t pop the pimples with a finger instead swipe some hazel on them to remove bacteria. Then apply some ice for 5-10 min. The redness and irritation will be lessened along with inflammation.

Don’t toss that face cream:
If you have some moisturizer that seems too heavy for face then apply it to feet. Apply some on heels before sleeping and in the morning they will become soft and smooth.

Go green for glow:
Drink the juices of green vegetables as much as possible. Just buy a juicer put cucumber, kale, green apples and lemons in it and drink the juice. You will get the glowing and fresh skin.

Does an a.m. scrub-down?
Before taking a shower, try exfoliating your skin. Rub your legs, arms, torso and back with a body brush. Then take a shower and after that apply some body oil on your wet body. Your skin will become super smooth.


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