4 Reasons To Switch To Natural Beauty Products

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If you want to change your beauty products then you have come to the right place. Following is the list of 4 latest beauty trends that are purely natural and they really works:

  • Healthier mains are here to stay:

Have you ever visited a nail salon and seen many bottles lined up? If yes then you must know this secret that those bottles are filled with dangerous chemicals ready to spread on your nails. The founder of Van Court said that the industry is really trying hard to clean up the system. Organic nail polish is just a myth while now companies are trying to use less noxious ingredients. Five-free brands are used now that means these nail polishes are free of five dangerous chemicals that are formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

To make a clean nail polish, the good ingredients should also be added along with removing the bad ones. Now some brands are incorporating natural ingredients in the nail paints to keep the nails healthy and strong. Some such brands are Londontown in Fruit-Tella and Deborah Lippmann in Message in a Bottle.

  • The natural makeup has now become a trend:

Some time ago, it was very difficult to find good natural beauty products from the market. It was because their stock was very limited and the shades were very less in number. The aging effect was also reported as the serious problem seen with such natural beauty items. But now companies are taking interest in making natural makeup. The mineral foundations before had very few shades and it were very difficult to apply them but not now. Now you can get foundations in cream and liquid form that contains natural oils. Mineral eye shadows have also been introduced that are very easy to use. Some such natural beauty products are Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation, RMS Swift Shadow, Au Naturale Cosmetics Bronzer in Golden Henna etc. RMS Swift Shadow is making naturally made eyeshadows that are very easy to apply and highly pigmented. Now liquid lipsticks have also been available that stays on for 12 hours.

  • Usage of food items as beauty products:

A new trend of using normal grocery items in the makeup has been started. You can see chia seeds, coffee seeds etc in the products used for hair and skin. Plant pigments are being used to add color to makeup and to give it the natural look. For lip care, fruit oils and fruit pigments are being used to give vibrant colors. The latest item introduced is Matcha that is powdered form of green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and prevents free radical damage. Berries and pomegranates are recently used like in 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick in Hyacinthus.

  • The focus is now on single ingredients:

Makeup companies have become more focused now in making their products. Now they use only single core ingredient instead of using many preservatives. This was approved by the cofounder of CAP beauty Cindy DiPrima. Like if you are prone to develop acne then tea tree oil product will be best for you instead of benzoyl peroxide. For hyperpigmented skin, try using rosehip oil that functions as an astringent. If your skin needs to be hydrated then use Shea butter that can easily be found in many natural makeup products.


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