5 Things Dermatologists Will Never Put On Their Faces


Everyone wants to have a clean and smooth skin. It not only depends on your diet but also what you apply on your face. Famous dermatologist Durham said that if you use fewer beauty products for your face then it will cause better results as compared to covering your face with every available cream. Creams that are used without consultation can cause irritation and even worse results. So staying in touch with your dermatologist will be the wisest decision. After discussion, dermatologists have concluded that the following products must not be used on the skin at all:

  • At-home chemical peels:

Many low-grade chemical masks and peels are available online these days. People buy them and apply them at home without consulting a derma. These beauty products are very strong and can result in severe effects like irritation and redness. Also peeling repeatedly can cause scarring of skin which ultimately causes discoloration. Sometimes, allergic reactions can also occur leading to the medical emergency. So such chemical peels must be avoided totally.

  • Loofahs:

Many sorts of loofahs and sponges are available in the market. These must be kept away from the skin as far as possible because they can cause much harm. Due to their abrasive nature, they can cause irritation and redness on skin. These sponges are not sterile so they accumulate bacteria. If you have some eczema or acne then loofahs can actually make the situation worse because the bacteria will get in touch with your skin repeatedly. So use makeup wipes and other products for this use not loofahs.

  • Moisturizers with collagen:

Moisturizers that contain collagen are totally useless. Collagen should never be used in a topical beauty product because it does not penetrate the skin at all due to its size. So by buying such moisturizer, you are just wasting your money because it is very expensive and total waste. So instead of using a collagen moisturizer you should use that product that suits your skin and has the effective result.

  • Abrasive face scrubs:

People who are suffering from acne often want to scrub the acne off by using a harsh scrubber. But it will be the wrong thing to do. Such face scrubs that are abrasive can cause irritation and hyperpigmentation in skin. So instead of scrubbing, you should cleanse your face with a creamy product with hands then after sometime clean your face with a washcloth. Don’t use harsh scrubbers ever again because they have now been rejected by famous dermatologist Brooke Jackson.

  • At-home microneedling devices:

Micro needling is a new procedure for the skin treatment that should not be done at home at any cost. At clinics, it is done under completely sterile conditions so it is safer there. But at home, it is like inviting infections you. Small holes are created in the skin that will break the barrier of skin and the protective function of skin is lost. It is done in radio frequency under the controlled environment. When the protective barrier is destroyed then the bacteria easily enter the skin and cause infection.


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