6 Best ways to get exercise addicted and fun doing it


 How to become an exercise addict?

Exercise is most important part of the life; there is no one who does not want to exercise and have a physique to die for.The Main problem arises when people start off with too high expectations, they think that they are on some magical ride and hope to see significant results in just a few days with minimum effort.

Exercising 6 or 7 days a week at least for an hour,daily, seems easy to mind, but practically it isn’t as easy as it seems. You must perform Exerciser regularly means leaving the comfortable zone daily,or making time from an incredibly hectic routine. You must have to sacrifice to achieve fitness goals. One thing that should be kept in mind is that there is no shortcut to fitness goals. One has to get up and do exercise and for that one has to be an exercise addict.

Fortunately, being an addicted to healthy exercise is not as difficult as it seems.

By following few simple yet effective ways one can develop exercise addiction:

  •  Make workouts interesting and intense

Do what interests you the most and do it passionately. An hour of slow walk or jogging won’t give endorphin release that one should get the post workout to feel great and to have motivation for future workouts. There is simply no alternative to an extremely exhausting exercise. The harder you go better and quicker are the results, hence resulting in motivation and exercise addiction.

  • Never skip more than two days continuously

Skipping workout is one of the most significant reason people gradually give up on exercise. One should keep planning and think about his or her next workout, just like a predator always trying to hunt prey to satisfy its hunger. If a person misses the healthy exercise for a number day’s, hunger to get better starts to fade away.

  • Develop a healthy routine and manage time for healthy exercise

Poor time management and lack of activity are the perfect recipes to miss out workouts. Once a person starts missing, then there is no coming back until he or she fixes the routine. A person who sleeps late at night goes office early in the morning and comes home late can never develop exercise addiction. While if the same person sleeps early every night, then he or she has very high chances to exercise regularly like a pure exercise addict.

  • Give yourself some treats

Food is something that can make laziest of the people get up from the sofa and do healthy exercise. After a fantastic workout session treat yourself with some delicious food that you won’t eat without doing exercise. One may take help from an acquaintance in this matter.

  • Find an exercise partner who is consistent

Working out every day with a person who is consistent will not only make you consistent but also make it worth for you to have good health. Healthy Competition is never harm as it motives one to go beyond limits for good, with positive intentions obvious.

  • Note results

Nothing motivates better than the result itself.  When a person sees result of all the hard work that he or she put in it forces to thrive for more. So always keep track of your results. Taking pictures, measuring weight is only two of the many ways a person can keep track of results caused by healthy exercise.

The above mentioned are just few, out of many,ways which one can incorporate into lifestyle to be an exercise addict. The exercise gives a powerful energy to the body. It enhances the will power of the body and makes it looks healthy and perfect. It makes you look healthier and work stronger for a lifetime.

It also reduces the fat and stable your cholesterol level maintains. Make your daily routine of the exercises and perform 2 times daily. It can make your blood pressure stable for the lifetime. There are many ways to perform exercise, but walking is the best exercise which enables you to work very hard with no worries. There are some push ups that you must perform in order to reduce belly fat.



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