6 homemade skin care tips for dry skin

6 homemade skin care tips for dry skin

Six wonderful homemade tips for dry skin

Dry skin is known to all of us,and it makes one look like a total disaster, especially when someone is going out, and the dry, flaky skin appears out of nowhere. It does not go with the oils, and the skin shreds off if it is rubbed and none of the beauty tips do well. It gets worse when the face is dry because the hands and legs can be hidden, but the face cannot be concealed, and sometimes even the makeup goes wrong. There is a lot of lotion to avoid dry and flaky skin, but none of that offer permanent solutions and the medicines from the dermatologists are expensive. To get free of these expenses and to get rid of dry skin, there are few homemade tips. These tips for dry skin are easy and do not consume a lot of time.

Following are six wonderful homemade tips for dry skin.These beauty tips are totally inexpensive.

1.Apply olive oil on skin

Use some olive oil and apply it on the skin right before going to sleep. Massage your legs and hands for smooth skin. Wear plastic gloves and an old sleeping suit so the oil will not wash it off the next day.
If you find your skin is dry, just add a tablespoon of lemon juice, some rose water and an egg yolk to the olive oil and leave the paste over, the face for fifteen minutes. Wash it after the mask is dry.

2.Apply curd on skin

Yoghurt or curd reduces inflammation and makes the skin clear and soft. For applying curd, just add some drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. Put the mask on face for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash this off with water. This homemade mask is better than any other artificial mask at a store

3.The easy-to-make egg mask

Eggs come with a lot of benefits, and it is good for health and skin. To make a homemade egg mask, just beat an egg, add a tablespoon of milk and honey and apply it on the face. This mask does not just make the skin softer, but also tightens the skin. Apply this mask daily on your skin; it will give you a beautiful look.

4.Use the milk cream for softer skin

Milk cream is best for getting a softer skin because it exfoliates the dead skin. It is a natural moisturizer and smooths the skin. Just mix a few lemon drops with milk cream and honey and apply it to face, hands and legs. Leave it on the skin until it dry and remove it with wet cotton and wash it off after that. It also makes your color fair and removes pimples from the skin.

5.Coconut oil for dry skin

Coconut oil is good for hair and skin, and if there’s not enough to pay the dermatologist for the dry skin or weak hair, coconut oil is the solution. Take some coconut oil and heat it in the oven for thirty seconds. Take it out of the oven and massage the hands and legs before going to bed. Wash it off after waking up and there will be no flaky, dead skin.


Honey can help one achieve softer skin. There’s nothing much to do. Just rub some honey all over the legs and hands and wash it off after it dries off. Homemade honey masks are the best masks for face and act as anti-inflammatory agents. Take two tablespoons of honey and mix it in hot water, drink it without eating anything. This mixture will help you to recover the dead cells of the skin.

After following these homemade tips, the dry skin will be gone, and one of the hundred problems of beauty will be solved. There will be more tips for dry skin too, but these work the best. These are all the very easy tips to adopt for the shiny and glowing skin. It does not cost you much, but gives you the best results in weeks. Another recommendation is that you all should drink a different kind of juices; it recovers your skin cells in less time.


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