6 Tricks For Lush Long EyeLashes

Lush Lashes

Eyelashes have the power to enhance the beauty of eyes by making them look alive. They are the true beauty of eyes. There are a lot of ways that can help your eyelashes look beautiful no matter how they look naturally. Following are the methods you should adopt to enhance the beauty of eyelashes with little effort.

Lush Long EyeLashes for your beauty

  • Reach for the curler:

If you want your lashes to look younger then try using a curler. This beauty tip will definitely help you because the curler will lift the roots and open up your eyes. If you have very straight lashes then you should use a heated curler. It will keep your lashes curled for the whole day. But, avoid clamping too strongly or it will result in a very severe bend. So you must choose the curler appropriately according to the type of your lashes. But don’t go for excessive curling or it might damage the lashes.

  • Apply primer:

Applying primer is an additional beauty tip but it makes a huge difference. After using primer, the mascara sticks to the eyelashes strongly and results in a more elegant effect. Also, the effect of mascara will last much longer as compared to lashes without primer. Our favorite pick is Lancôme Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base that gives super volume to the lashes. But remember to wait till it gets dry before applying mascara. Otherwise, mascara will not stick to the lashes.

  • Line ’em:

The Fullness of lashes can be faked with the help of eye shadow if someone’s lashes are sparse and thin.  Lusine Galadjian who is a famous makeup artist said that a dark shade works magic when put directly into the lash line. To create a perfect line is not a compulsion because it must look natural. So if the mascara does not help then eye shadow will always be the best option that gives you a beautiful look as well.

  • Swipe right:

Darker mascara is always better. The artist Galadjian said that choosing a formula with right consistency is very important. While choosing mascara, the tubes on which non-flaky, thickening or volume is labeled, must be selected. One perfect choice is Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara. It contains different types of bristles that give the effect of fullness by grabbing every lash. Don’t pick mascara that is too liquid or too dry because in both cases it won’t stick. An additional beauty tip is that apply it from roots to tips in a rotator motion.

  • Be bright-eyed:

You should apply mascara to both the lines of lashes to give an awake look. Then go for a final coat by placing mascara wand horizontally at the base and then apply in forwarding and upward direction. In this way you will not have to apply too many coats and volume will be added to roots. Too much application of mascara will also cause sticking of lashes together.

  • Separate lashes:

A lash separator prevents eyelashes from sticking together. MUA Lash Separator will be the best choice. You must use it after the application of mascara and the stuck hair will be separated to prevent the spider lashes. Lashes will look wider and the eyes will have a beautiful look by using the separator.


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