The 7 Principles of Fat Loss


There are several methods and techniques that are established by people, for the people in order to facilitate the individuals, regardless of its impact over every particular. This is a real fact and the weight loss principles are although made for them. Unconditional and conditional fat loss processes, principles and procedures worth differently according to the physical and mental conditions. The fitness plan suits the best while answering some quick questions that arises in one’s mind. Why one go for the low-carb and low-fat procedures? The calories are countable or not? What type of cardio one use or strength train? Many such queries are not yet answered by many of the individuals who really need to lose fat and the world’s most best of the best dietitian and experts suggest simple seven principles that are physically approve tested among the people around the clock to resolve the conflicts of the minds of the people who needs result quickly, smartly and easily.

1. The fat loss requirements by establishing the calorie count:

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The prime step in weight loss or fat loss procedure is the calorie count. There are countless calorie measuring material on the various sites and with the variety of techniques and approaches. Some of them uniquely distinguish among others and described below:
• MYPlate
The Myplate is a fantastic calorie count tool and require a little information for the target individual to count its necessary calories per day. The step by step little queries will ask on Myplate like age, current weight, gender and height and weight-loss goal to determine the initial needs within a blink of an eye. The best applied tool to help to prevent a maximum number of calories to intake and manage the weight in just a healthy way. Holly Mitchell and Lean Bodies both are the body builder, professional fitness figure and nutrition coach recommended not to apply too low too fast in per day calorie count. Instead, slowly and steadily reduce the calories to see the proper fitness results and if the exercises are the major concerns then calories may increase according to them initially otherwise nowhere to go for the individual.

The satiety and to preserve muscle during the weight loss or fat loss procedure the key point is to add proteins to the maximum in meals and especially in snacks recommended by the resident registered dietitian at named as Kelly Plowe.“Getting enough protein in your diet is fairly easy to do with a little effort.” (Plowe) The effective protein providers to the body in the meal per serving are:
• Eggs, yogurt in the breakfast
• Nut butters in the snacks
• Lean proteins in the form of chicken, fish or beans in lunch or dinner
Mike Roussell is also the member of the team of the He suggested some useful fat loss techniques by intake the protein proportion that is equally distributed among different meals. It will help to reduce body fats and protein shakes are the best suit examples to utilize after having harder exercises. RDA (Recommended daily allowance) has distributed among two levels and three levels RDA. Its practical example seems the surprising results and the two levels RDA protein works much better and reduces fat more than the three levels of RDA in almost 30 days.

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3. Carbohydrates as necessary weight loss procedures:
Carbohydrates are the essential source especially for those individuals who are the believers of fat loss through much harder excises. Roussell and the Diet doctor of Shape magazine consider it as a compulsory supplement in the body for the fat loss purposes. Carbohydrates really help to refuel the entire body muscles for the next training sessions while they intake during and after the body exercises. The perfection of the exercises and the post workout cab consumption obtain through the carbohydrates.

Seriously, the exercises are the best approach of reducing fats and retain lean muscle mass when one’s decide to loss fat. The burning of extra fats in the body starts eventually when the exercise becomes a habitual. The timing matters. The Strength training and cardiovascular exercises are of great importance in this matter. In a week the person will definitely feels the change and loss fats of the body up to 3000 calories which is not good enough but, it is not bad also to eat those extra calories in that time. The key point is:
• Exercise, exercise, and exercise
• Good diet during and after the exercise
It will enhance the level of fitness and reduces the fat by burning those calories in an order during the specific time period.

5. Focus on Strength training:
The Calorie deficit is not good when it badly affects the lean muscle of entire body and contracts the muscle tissues. The foremost priority to avoid such incident is the real strength training. Tony Genticlore and the co-founder of Cressey, Massachusetts advice, with his own believe that “what makes muscle keeps muscle”. Genticlore prefer the heavier loads that are used for many years in the traditional strength training for six to eight reps per set. It will make the body strong enough additionally by keeping it muscle and remain focused on the strength training. (Genticlore)

6. Avoid food variety:
The variety means change and in food it means the colorful change but it is suggested to the people on diet or weight loss procedures that “change, before the change changes you”. The variety in food is counterproductive for this purpose. The best and an appropriate way is to randomly choose the starch, fat and protein products that are limited in quantity so that it may not create frustration and may not be considered as a time-consuming activity. When, the body set up to the routine and there is no further fatigue of preparing food then variety may be added slowly in the meals in the form of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

7. Supplement hype is not worthy anyway:
The various fat loss supplements, magic pills, herbs and liquids are available in the market successively in a row with different names and actions. The true advice is never go for them. It has side effects and it will enhance the fatigue and problems because its impacts on humans and animals are entirely of different scope. The director of Kamel Patel describes the reverse results or bad effects on the human body by using the fat loss supplements. The fat loss and weight loss supplement manufacturers are design the own human structure of gaining and retaining the fats in the body that is not acceptable in any case.

Are you getting ready to loss fat? The above seven principles are enough or not? The previous fat loss experiences are better than this? Do you recommend the seven principles to others? Does it really work? Share your experiences.


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