What is Beauty – Defining the real meaning of beauty

definition of beauty


The word beauty looks quiet miniature and charm but if we talk about the characteristics of beauty so it is absolutely huge and worldwide as like the whole world which is not really straightforward to elaborate. Basically, beauty by which you can inspire the people around you but there are different aspects and concept of beauty, mainly if we talk about in one’s personality it can be outer & inner beauty. However God provides beauty everywhere like in every human, plants, animals, food, and weather, sky, moon etc. therefore uncountable experiences are found over here. It provides deep satisfaction in any factor/thing. It is the opinion of visuals it self- it defines taste of judgment and observation which we normally find in any person or anywhere.

Beauty is the way of inspiration and effects in any one’s life although it always does not mean to be beautiful by the outer appearance. Now come towards outer beauty;


Your appearance of personality and charm of your face and consistent eye contact defines outer beauty. It is all about your physical behavior and qualities but I do not think it exists for long time period. Outer beauty is a part of social thing that is verified by other influences which is externally attached with us like media.


Something & someone looks is called personal appearance. Like your facial expression, posture hairstyle clothes and gestures etc these all are the part of your appearance.

Apart from these all things added in your personality, sometimes appearance misguides in the vein of confidence; you are giving an appearance of confidence but from your inner side you are feeling nervous this mean “never judge anything or person by appearance” as it is cite also. Importantly your first impression speaks that can be about attitude and walk.


It defines your personal image means facial expression. People catch very quickly your facial expression and make an assumption about you- your personal image is totally different from the real you. Everybody approach depending on people with whom they meet and what they think. Human nature is to build compromises together, sometimes your function is in public is different from your function with family, home and friends, therefore different attitude and expressions are the requirement of roles in you that is called visual image expands by your face.


It has already been heard that eyes are skylight of your heart it obviously reflects your inner portion & feelings but there must be sight of judgment, with this expression eyes play vital role to make your personality admirable.


As it is cleared from the word INNER, It explains your interpersonal qualities, kindness, thoughts, manners, clean heart and way to do things around your circle and in your social group. Inner beauty makes you shinier person because it is all about positive thoughts & perception which you apply in your life and people make positive impression on you. You usually create beauty by adding some expression of attitude, behavior and actions but your internal thoughts defiantly reflect on your outer so it is not enough to be beautiful externally; to shine you have to put in some colors of your inner beauty in fact at the end inner beauty will be rewarded  on the judgment day.


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