Beauty Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is mostly known for its use as a lip balm in winter. But after reading this, many other beauty benefits of petroleum jelly will be revealed too. It is that beauty product which is expert in multi tasking. Its beauty uses will save you a lot of time and your money will be saved from being waist. Following are some beauty benefits of  which will surely help you:

Tame Brows:

Beautifully tamed eyebrows are a real dream for makeup lovers. You can use petroleum jelly to tame your brows in a perfect shape. Apply a thin layer to your brow brush and then set your brow hairs with it.

Prime Eyelids:

If you want to make your makeup stay all day long then try this beauty use of petroleum jelly. Apply some petroleum jelly on your eyelids in the form of a thin layer. Now do your eye makeup and put on your eye shadow in the usual manner. Your eye shadow will stay on all day and will not merge. It will also give your eye shadow a glossy look if you are tired of the same matte look.

Keep Cuticles Soft:

Petroleum jelly really helps in keeping the cuticles soft and smooth. Just apply some on your nails and cuticles before going to sleep. In this way, your cuticles will remain soft. Cuticles are damaged very easily so they must be protected.

Smooth Hair:

Though seems weird but petroleum jelly is also very beneficial for your hair. While making a pony tail or setting your hair free just dab some petroleum jelly on your hair strands. Your hair will become polished and smooth. You can also apply some on the hair ends. In this way the split ends will disappear and hair will look healthy and beautiful.

Soothe Skin:

Petroleum jelly is best in fighting against winter. All the dryness and cracking can be prevented by regularly using it. Just apply some on your damaged or thick skin before going to bed. By regularly doing it, your skin will become soft and shining.

Lip Balm:

Petroleum jelly is a very excellent lip balm. It helps in moisturizing and softening the lips. Before going to bed, apply it to your lips and they will look smooth and soft in the morning. It will also help in exfoliating your lips when mixed with sugar or honey. The dead cells will be removed and lips will become soft.

Highlight Cheekbones:

If you don’t want to use those glittery highlighters then petroleum jelly will be best for you. Just dab some on the cheekbones to highlight them with a natural look. Remember to take a very tiny amount for this purposes otherwise skin will become greasy. You can also apply it on your brow bones.

Makeup Remover:

Petroleum jelly works as a very efficient makeup remover specially the eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner. To do this, just apply some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and move it along the eyelids to remove makeup. Eyelash glue can also be removed by this procedure. So, stubborn makeup is not a problem anymore.

Get Glowing Legs:

In summer, your arms and legs are a major issue because sunlight can damage the skin very easily. So try using some petroleum jelly on your legs and the skin will become smooth and shiny just like that in yours dreams.


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