Can Biotin Pills Helps You To Lose Weight ?

Can Biotin Pills Helps You To Lose Weight

Do biotin pills help you lose weight ?

Vitamin H or commonly called as biotin is an essential structural component of the enzymes. As similar to the mechanism of all other vitamins, biotin helps in maintenance of normal body functions such as metabolism. It helps in the breaking down of essential nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Therefore, in that perspective, it is meant to generate energy to keep the body working. Apart from that, biotin is considered to have wide variety of health benefits such as hair growth, skin nourishment, cholesterol control and the most attention seeking one- help in weight loss.

Weight loss has become one of the hot topics, currently. We often see people, especially girls, getting conscious of their fitness and outlooks. Not forgetting the efforts of boys, many of the youngsters keep cutting off their routine diet to get themselves into better shape.  Gyms are seen being filled, parks invaded by the walkers and diet products are sold within no time, nowadays. Many people add dieting and weight loss in their new year’s resolution and many do add it in their every day’s decree. Being slim, smart and less-weighted has become so much idealistic, that people can ruin their health and money for achieving their desired figures.

Many people believe that vitamin H is bound to bring about weight loss. Yes! You heard that right. But still others think that it can have completely opposite behavior. So, what is the truth???? Does supplementing one’s diet with biotin pills can really make him loose weight???Well, to answer that question still much research needs to be done. There are many people who have lost a lot of weight due to use of biotin, but there are still others who have witnessed the same pills putting up more weight to them. Then who is wrong and who is right??? And should weight loss lovers use biotin pills to get rid of extra pounds from their bodies???

Making a long debate short, it can be said that biotin has many significant benefits. It imparts better health effects and can be advantageous for those who have biotin-deficiency. But in regard to weight loss, as biotin keeps metabolism at high pace and helps in attaining energy, it can lead to weight loss too. But taking in the pills of biotin with the only intend to lose weight and cutting off all food essentialities is usually not recommended. This is because many people supplementing their diet with biotin initially lost weight but due to increased, un-wanted intake of the same vitamin caused them to put on more weight. There are side-effects to each and everything. Even if a thing is very beneficial, its over-use can cause harmful effects. Same is the case with biotin. If weight loss is its benefit, then its excess usage can cause adverse effects such as weight gain, which is complete a contradictory effect. Therefore, it is advisable to not opt for any such supplement on the basis of self-prescription and without the advice and permission of a doctor.


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