Enough of buying napkins – When can make home


How to make napkins at home ?

Girls have their periods regularly and therefore they have to use sanitary pads during periods.These pads can be found in all the supermarkets. However, they must be utilized from five to eight hours only and may need to change if there is an overwhelming stream of periods.If there’s a chance that somebody has a large flow of menses because of some medical reason, then they may need to utilize more clean pads at regular intervals, which is not attainable. Changing pads after two hours during periods means that there will be more expenses on these pads as they are not reusable. To save ourselves from these unwanted expenses, homemade napkins can be used as an alternative for the sanitary pads. These pads are easy to make and save a lot of money, which can be used for other stuff.

Homemade sanitary napkins

To make these homemade sanitary napkins, follow the following easy steps.

·Find an old cloth

Everyone has an unused fabric or old cloth that they do not want to wear anymore. These clothes can be substituted for pads during periods. For this, first find any old shirt or cloth.The cloth should preferably be cotton as other thick clothes might cause rashes.

·Use an old pad for guide

Use an old unused sanitary pad as a guide to cut the cloth.Cut as many clothes from this old cloth according to the requirement of the flow of periods. Two of these will be used for the upper and lower parts of the pad and the rest as fillings. If there are no sanitary pads, just cut the pad according to your wish. It should be as large as a pad.

·Fill the inner part

To fill the inner part of the cloth, use cloth. Cloth is preferred instead of cotton because cotton absorbs the liquid, and that is why it cannot be reused after using it once during periods.

Cut the cloth in the same way as the upper and lower part.

·Sew the cloth

Now, sew both upper part and lower part in such a way that the filling of cloth is inside. This filling of cloth will be ensuring that there’s no leakage from the padsin periods. Leave some space in the cloths to take the filling outside from the napkin.
These homemade pads are reusable and can be washed over time during periods for reuse. To wash, just Dip the pads in the water. If needed, put vinegarin this water, which will work as a decolorizing agent and let it be dipped in water for few hours. After that, get rid of the water. Wash the clothes and let them dry.

These homemade pads might sound disgusting to many people,both women used to wear these when there were no throwawaypads. Asclothes have the volume for more fillings of clothes, according to the flow and therefore one can use it for as many hours as they want during periods.


There are many ways you can make pads at home. Some are the ways to use the already used clothes and cut them with the scissors. It can be very useful that it saves money from buying the napkins from the market. But it also would not work if you have used a cloth full with bacterias it can cause the vaginal bacterias. Wash the clothes before using it as a period napkin. There are many other ways that you can use to make the napkins. Another way is to get some piece of cotton with you, find a thread and fold the cotton with the thread. It will make your efforts better. It saves your time and money and efforts to go to market. There is another way that you can use the outer part of the baby pamper and fold used clothes in it; this is another good way to make napkins at home. Make sure to use all these clothes as bacteria’s free because your skin and body are so sensitive. Homemade napkins are affordable, and you can make more napkins at home than available in the market. Store your old clothes and used it when needed.



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