Microblading Your Eyebrows – But Is It Safe?


Microblading Your Eyebrows Can Make Them Look Fuller and Darker—But Is It Safe?

The most common problem faced by most of us every morning is to get our eyebrows in shape. The shape of eyebrows is purely natural and there is nothing you can change. It can be sparse or it can be extremely thick. It gets very frustrating to change the look of eyebrows from patchy to full each day. I’m sure most of you have tried all the options like penciling the brows, applying brow gel or taking the help of growth serum.

No doubt these methods work but there are a lot of problems. Like, all these methods are temporary. You have to do it every morning and there is no short cut. Your time will be wasted a lot no matter how much late you are. So if you are tired of all these troubles then go for Microblading.

What is microblading?


It is almost a permanent procedure that will free you from hard work and save your time. The eyebrows are reshaped by the technician and small, individual hairs are drawn with the help of a tattoo pen that is designed for this purpose. Special strokes that look like hair are created between the hairs of eyebrows. This way gap between the thin hair is filled and eyebrows look thick. The brows will become darker in a totally natural way and there is no need of daily touch up.

Many salons are now offering this treatment. Celebrities like Lena Dunham are also trying this procedure and getting mesmerized by its perfect result. Lena said that she was totally stunned on seeing her perfectly dark and beautiful brows after the completion of microblading. You have to revisit the saloon after every 6 months for a touch-up. Duration will be longer for darker hair. Microblading costs almost 1300 dollars but the amount depends on saloon too. Also clients have to pay some money again when they return for touch-ups so it is a very costly procedure. But the results are surely worth this sort of huge amount.

Microblading; safe or not?

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The first question that arises after listening to this method is that is it safe or not? The answer to this is that it is very safe when performed under sterile environment. Home kits are also available now but these must not be used according to the experts. Otherwise many adverse effects can be seen like infections by Streptococcus staphylococcus. Herpes infection has also been seen in certain cases. So maintaining sterility is the essential step. Also, people suffering from eczema or rosacea should also avoid this treatment.

So this procedure should only be performed by professionals who know how to handle it perfectly. Unsterile instruments can also transfer HIV and other harmful infections from one customer to the next. Now many local saloons are also offering this method at a low price but you should evaluate the efficacy of salon before letting them perform the treatment.

Microblading is getting the tremendous response from the public because it causes the eyebrows to become beautiful in a natural look.


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