Smile make you look older, Stay Says



Ever Since we have heard that the happier your expressions are, the more you will look young. Positive expressions have always been associated with youth. But the latest research will make you think about your beliefs twice from now on. This research states that being happy has no effect on making you appear younger. In fact smiling often add years to your life.


It is very hard to believe as it is universally accepted that smiling and laughing will only give a positive impact. In all commercials of beauty products and toothpaste etc, it is shown that a big grin makes a person more attractive, younger and more likable. Positive and smiling people are approached by others more as compared to dull people.


But now the latest study has changed the thinking perspective of many people. This research was published in a well-known journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. In this experimental study, volunteers were shown photographs of people on a screen. These people belonged to different age groups. There were men and women with different expressions. Some were smiling; others were either neutral or had surprised expressions.

Since people always consider happiness, positive attitude, smile, and youth as a combined thing, so the aim was to test this theory. Authors wanted to know that whether volunteers perceive the smiling ones as younger than their original age or not. But the results were quite astonishing. Results showed that the participants regarded the individuals who were smiling as two years older than others. The people with poker face were even considered younger. But most of all, the people with surprised emotions were considered youngest of all. Their wide eyes and open mouth gained the most attention. The researchers have explained that it is due to the wrinkles that appear around a smiling person’s eyes. While the skin of a surprised person become stretched and smooth. This news is not at all good for the previous scientific researchers in this field.

But don’t become so hasty in doubting your beliefs. Before you began to change your display pictures on the social media or develop the habit of making the poker face in social gatherings, you must keep in mind that it is just one research. A new study conducted in 2012 presented the opposite results.  They declared that people actually underestimate the age of such people who smile often than the neutral ones.


But whatever such studies say who cares! I am sure no one will like to walk as a zombie in social gathering or cut off his smile just to lessen wrinkles from his face. The point of view of study co-author Mel Goodale, Phd will definitely give you reassurance. He was the director of Brain and Mind Institute at Western University. He stated that I have literally no advice for people whose motive is to appear younger. And I think it is much more important to be smiling, friendly and happy even it might make you look older.

So just damn your wrinkles and smile anyway. No matter what study says, people will always remember the positivity and youthfulness that smiling provides. One study should not be the cause of neglecting the happy impact such smiling people has on others. So keep smiling and keep shining.


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