What should you do to get your hair restoration naturally?

hair restoration naturally

How to have hair restoration naturally?

Hair adds a lot to a person’s beauty and personality. Healthy and styled hair makes a person look beautiful. But excessive use of heat and chemicals on the hair can ruin it and can stop the hair growth and difficult to have hair restoration. A bald scalp can rob a person of confidence and beauty.

As there is a solution to everything in today’s era, doctors have come up with different techniques for hair restoration. These techniques are effective, but they are very costly and might have some side effects too. Therefore, instead of these expensive hair restoration techniques, a person can opt for natural hair restoration remedies. These hair remedies are cheap and do not have any side effects.

Following are the few natural hair restoration remedies that can enhance hair growth.

· Apply oil once a week

Oil might sound old fashioned, but it acts as a booster for hair restoration. Apply oil once a week to have hair growth. If the hair type is, dry then apply oil twice a week. Mustard oil, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil are beneficial for hair growth. When you use hair dryers, straighteners and curlers often, make sure to oil your hair every day.

· Add Protein to diet

Our hair consists of proteins and therefore adding protein to our diet can help in hair restoration.  Meat, egg white, milk, etc. can restore hair and save one from the body patches on scalp.

· Apply hair masks regularly

Hair masks made up of natural ingredients like oil, yoghurt, egg white and lemon can not only boost hair restoration, but also add glow to the hair and make the hair beautiful. To make this mask, just add an oil of your choice in a bowl and mix it with yoghurt. After that, add egg white and lemon juice and mix it well. This mask can be applied to the hair and left for an hour or so, once a week, to get the perfect hair.

· Drink a lot of water

Water has positive effects on skin and hair. Many dermatologists suggest that one should drink a lot of water for healthy skin and hair. A person should drink at least four to eight glasses of water for healthy hair. In the summers, when hair loss occurs frequently, one should drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and to reduce hair loss.

· Eat food containing Iron

Iron increases the blood circulation in the scalp. This can increase hair growth and also prevent hair loss. Eat foods that contain iron, which includes liver and apricots.

· Add Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to your diet.

Vitamins are very beneficial for hair restoration. Foods like oranges, lemons, fish, eggs and carrots can improve hair growth. These vitamins are important for our body and therefore the deficiency of these vitamins can result in hair loss.

· Do not wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair everyday reduces the natural oil that our hair contains and therefore damages our hair. The loss of natural oils can reduce hair growth and this can result in bald-headedness. Instead of washing hair every day, one should wash hair once every two days to reduce hair loss.

If these easy tips are followed, one can have perfect and healthy hair. These tips prevent your hair to be strong and make the growth good on the daily basis.

· Juices is another natural remedy

Juices contain the minerals of getting things stable and maintain the loss of energy in a day. Juices also helps to maintain the growth of hair. It reduces the hair loss by drinking 1 glass daily without eating anything.

· Do not use alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are very dangerous for health. It can reduce and stops the immune system. Hair needs to be properly healthy, alcoholic beverages make hair weak from the root. This is the main cause of getting old earlier too.

· Smoking can cause hair loss

Smoking makes your hair grow very low, because it does not allow blood circulations to move into the scalp of the hair. There are many more chances to lose hair when you do not care about hair growth and keeping doing what is not good for your health.

Adopt all the above remedies in order to restore the growth of hair in less time, this is the good factor. It will make your life perfect and hair will be like it never been in the past.


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