Zone Diet or Paleo Diet – Which One is Best for Your Health

Paleo Diet Vs Zone Diet

The Zone and Paleo diet are two healthy diets that particularly focus on the quality and quantity of food, which gives you a healthy life style with perfect weight loss.

If the Paleolithic diet, or purely Paleo diet, involves following the diet that our cave-dwelling ancestors pursued.A diet contains with rich protein food and avoid of grains, the Zone diet is a modern diet that involves the restricted intake of all foods-stuff in accurate proportions.

Given below is a brief guide to choose which diet is best for your health care, Zone or Paleo diet, or under which conditions.

The Zone diet, highlighting on a balanced intake of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, or fats in a proportion of 30:40:30, in terms of their calorie contribution to the whole number of calories.

The Paleo diet specifically focuses on lean meat as well as fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. This may confirm to be difficult to take in individuals who indulge in less physical movement and/or have a low metabolic rate. However, it may show to be a better option for gluten or lactose-intolerant persons.

Restricted Foods

The Zone diet does not imply complete restriction on the intake of every particular set of foods, but recommends restricted intake of processed and dairy foods, rice, white bread and pasta,.

The Paleo diet strictly prohibits the intake of dairy products, grains, processed foods, legumes and cereals. This may not be ideal for strictly vegetarian persons, since it divest them of the major non-meat sources of calcium and protein. Although vegetarian versions of the diet are offered, it may look like a bit differing to the rationale or basic concept of the diet.

Energy Density

The food stuff included in the Zone diet are low energy dense. The calories added by each part are less. In addition, the portion size is fixed and predefined. This further limits the calorie intake. This may possibly successful for persons with low physical workout, but harmful for those indulging in high levels of physical movement.

In contrast, the Paleo diet focuses on lean meat which is full of energy. To top that, there is no limit on the portion size or the amount of eating. Therefore, the possibility of overeating and above the calorie count is high. This diet can prove to be a good choice for your health care if you can understand and keep away from overeating.

The Zone diet emphasis more on the amount of food consumed, while the Paleo diet emphasis on the quality. If you would like to set and get very specific goals to trim down your body fat and can simply control to follow a structured and timely guide of eating, the Zone diet is an ideal choice for your health. But, if you are simply interested in eating healthy food or want to focus more on the quality of the food stuff you eat, but can avoid overeating, the Paleo diet would be the perfect choice for your heath care.

In fact, both diets have their similarities and benefits.  The Zone is a little more rigid than Paleo but one time you get accepted to the Zone diet, it’s quite easy to follow.  These both plans follow very basic standards and if you cut down all processed foods from your diet, and that is all you do, you will be greatly better off. Paying attention to what you are fueling your body with is just as essential and the workout you are training your body with.  Good nutrition can perk up your workouts and produce better results in your potency speed and general appearance.


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